Internet and You – Cyber Safety

Internet and You – Cyber Safety


The internet is a routine part of everyday life, with the convenience and benefits it is easy to forget all the dangers including damaged reputation, identity theft and more. Here are some tips to keep you safe online

  • Look for “https” in the web address when shopping online, which means the site is secure
  • When using public Wi-Fi remember they are often not secure so avoid using personal or financial information
  • Only open email attachments or links from trusted senders.
  • Beware of “suspicious” emails asking for personal information
  • Keep computer antivirus software up to date and activate all privacy settings on social media outlets

Is oversharing on social media putting you at risk?
Oversharing on social media may putting you at risk. Roughly 78 percent of burglars admit to using Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google Street View to select targets/victims. Some of the most common status updates, check-ins, tweets, and photos can leave you vulnerable.

7 out of 10 Americans post on social media daily, sharing the big and small life moments. With an estimated 81 million fake Facebook users and over 500 million people visiting Twitter without logging in how do you keep yourself safe?

WEBCO can help you take action!

  • Install a monitored security system and instantly arm and disarm your system anytime or anywhere. Our central station can initiate a response direct to police, fire and/or medical professionals quickly.
  • An estimated 19 people per minute become victims of identity theft, protect yourself with IdentaVault from WEBCO. Using a three pillar approach to keep your identity safe and secure: protection to give you the tools to proactively defend against fraud, detection to halt fraud before damage is done and in the event identity theft does occur an ICFE Certified Restoration Specialist will correct the fraud.

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