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Merry Christmas from WEBCO

Merry Christmas from WEBCO

merry christmas


 As a family-run business everyone at WEBCO Security looks forward to the holiday season. As we approach Christmas we are reminded of 

how thankful we are for our customers and their families. 


Our office will be closing for our annual holiday family vacation on Wednesday December 24th at 2pm, and will re-open on Monday January 5th.


We thank you for your understanding that this break is important to us. 

 We hope that you and your family enjoy peace,

 happiness and good health in the New Year!


If you have a technical emergency, please call install manager 

Chris @ 612-282-2587


It’s the most vulnerable time of the year!

Christmas comes early for thieves who steal packages off doorsteps.

In fact, it’s already started. With an estimated 475 million packages being delivered, it is the busiest week for parcel-delivery services. Having a video camera system is one of the best ways to deter of parcel thieves!

With a WEBCO installed video camera you can see what is going on

even when your not there.

  • Watch live video on your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Get video alerts instantly sent to you via text or email
  • Schedule recordings when there is motion, such as someone at your door
  • Stay protected with tamper-proof, off site video storage

Fully integrated with Alarm.com‘s suite of interactive security, energy management, and automation solutions


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